What Does “Plant” Mean In Plant Machinery?

The term "plant” refers to any type of machinery, equipment and apparatus used for industrial activity. If you've had any dealings within the construction industry you most likely would've come across the term plant machinery. Everyone knows what it is, but here at Euro auctions we always get asked “Where did it get its name?”

For a term that is used so frequently, there is a great deal of confusion over its origins. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this, when you scour the Internet you come across a range of different theories. In certain parts of the world you may hear the term "heavy-duty machinery" or "factory machinery" used in its place.

There is a vast array of heavy machinery, however, there is no clear answer as to where the term "plant” came from. The most common theory is that the term was coined during early construction, demolition & earthmoving activities, where machinery at this time was most commonly static. Others support the theory that the term plant and derives from the Latin “Plantus” meaning seed or cutting which was later influenced by the French “Plantiere” meaning to fix in place. The machine itself remained mostly static. A huge structure that cannot be moved, hence “planted” in the ground.

What Machinery Is Classed As Plant?

A more industry-relevant & straightforward definition is that ‘Plant’ refers to machinery used in any industrial activity. So for example, an excavator would be considered Plant, but a toolbox & its contents would not. However, it must be recognised that this definition is up for debate as well.

It may be beneficial to look at what machinery is likely to be classed as “plant” by those used in Earth-moving Industries. You will find these types of machines on most building/construction sites.

Excavation machinery

These are necessary for laying a strong foundation that will be durable for years to come. For any structure that is in need of underground parking, a basement or any sort of below the ground build, then one of these types of machines will be required. It’s quite common to find a dual-purpose machine that works as both a digger & excavator, which will enable you to both dig & remove debris at the same time. In having a machine that can do both, saves you time & money as well as enabling you to complete your project faster.

Moving & unloading machines

Found on virtually all construction sites, these machines both dig & load rubble without the need to invest in manual labour. In turn, improving efficiency & lowering costs.

Transport machines

Once you cleared your rubble & debris, you are then required to dispose of it. So you will need to get hold of a vehicle that can be driven both on-site & the roads without the need for multiple vehicles.

Lifting machines

Much like the moving & loading machines, however these machines eliminate the need for a lift by helping move materials above ground level. It enables you to move the likes of heavy beams as well as other machinery around a building site. Particularly useful in larger-scale projects; you will be able to invest the likes of cranes & manlifts at any of Euro Auctions upcoming auctions.

As you can see "Plant" encompasses specialist machines for a variety of sectors. Plant machinery is used across building projects, civil engineering sites, as well as quarries & landfill sites. Particularly with larger & more complex projects that rely heavily on plant equipment within construction.

Construction plant has the benefit of being re-usable, and so as well as being purchased new, it may be purchased second hand or hired.

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No matter what industry it is you are involved in, choosing the right tools is vital to the success of any project. In the construction industry, having the right machinery is an integral part of any job.

Whether you’re starting out in construction or want to know more about plant machinery & the type of machinery you will need for a specific project, just get in contact with a member of the Euro Auctions team will be delighted to assist you with any queries you may have.

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