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Euro Auctions - Industrial Plant Auctions, Construction Equipment Auctioneers, Agricultural Equipment Auctions

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3 Ways to Bid...

Customers can bid:

To bid on any Lot, a Bidder Number is required. In order to obtain the Bidder Number you must first register for an Auction.

The Bidder Number is pre-printed on the cover of the Auction Catalogue. Winning Bids are assigned to the relevant Bidder Number as the Lots are sold. Bidder Numbers are unique for each Auction and are available 2 days before the Auction date. Registration Requirements differ for new buyers and regular buyers.

Registration requires the Bidder to agree to Euro Auctions Buyer Terms and Conditions.

By completing the Registration Form you automatically agree to be bound by these Buyer Terms and Conditions.

Buyers should note that a Buyer’s Commission of 10% on the first £2000 or lower and 2.5% on the balance where applicable is added to all Hammer Prices.
VAT * is charged on the Total Hammer Price (Hammer Price + Buyer’s Commission).
(*VAT is charged at 20% in the UK and 19% in Germany and 21% in Spain and 10% in Australia(GST) and in USA sales Tax is charged at State Tax of 4% plus local county tax (2-4%), depending on delivery method unless valid sales exemption certificate is produced)