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Euro Auctions - Industrial Plant Auctions, Construction Equipment Auctioneers, Agricultural Equipment Auctions

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Off-Site Auctions

Off-site auctions

Let us bring the auction to you...

We handle it all from start to finish.  Whether you are having a Retirement, Insolvency or Cessation of Trading Auction, we can tailor a solution suitable to your needs.

Benefits of Euro Auctions Off-Site Auction Service:

  • Worldwide advertising of your equipment in a range of mediums including trade publications, magazines, newspapers, web portals, trade websites as well as auction brochures sent to our extensive mailing list of customers around the world.
  • A professional Auction service including Auctioneers, Bid Catchers, Euro Auctions Administration Staff, Auction Catalogue and Free Internet Bidding.
  • All your equipment sold in a short period of time.
  • Saving transportation costs as your machines do not have to be transported to the Euro Auctions yard.

If you are interested in selling your equipment using Euro Auctions Off-Site Service
call 0044 (0) 2882 898262.