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Ashland, OH (US)

268 East 4th St
OH 44805

Tel:+1 419 309 6500

Upcoming Auction: YODER & FREY - Ashland - (Date TBC)

Ashland, OH (US)



Our Ashland site has moved to Findlay!

The new site consolidates the Headquarters formally in Holland, Ohio, and the previous Yoder & Frey auction site in Ashland, Ohio. The new Yoder & Frey site is bigger, offers more room for expansion, will offer better facilities to staff and customers, has ample secure parking and will provide offices and workshop facilities where Yoder & Frey can better serve its customer base.

Peter Clarke, founder and CEO of Yoder & Frey comments, “Since the merger with Euro Auctions in 2017, Yoder & Frey have been exposed to an expanding global market, and whilst our home market is very important to us, we have found greater interest in all sales from across the planet. This new interest means we are now getting more enquires from consignors and needed extra space. In addition, offering sellers pre-sale packages, getting their equipment ready for sale is popular as this adds value to the equipment and increases the hammer value. With the new workshops on site we can better offer this service.”

Getting Here

Just off the I-75, at exit 168, the site is highly accessible, providing great transport links from the north, down into Florida and the Gulf basin. It is also located just 3 miles from the CSX Intermodal Northwest Ohio terminal, one of the main East/West coast rail links

By Car: Take Exit 168 onto Grant Road from the I-75

By Air:  40 Miles from Toledo Express Airport, 84 Miles from Detroit Metro Airport



Upcoming Auction
Findlay - June 6th 2019 @ 8.30am
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Contact Details
2384 Grant Road,
North Baltimore, OH 45872

Tel: +1 (419) 865-3990

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
(Yard may be open on Saturdays during auction period, contact office
for more information)

Ways to bid
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Auction Information

V.Peter Clark, OH
+1 (419) 865-3990
[email protected]

Daryl Houle, OH
+1 (603) 856-1689
[email protected]

Trent Shaftner, OH
+1 (859) 333-4035
[email protected]

Steve Watson, GA
+1 (678) 414-4110
[email protected]

Joe Thurston, FL
+1 (407) 388-4888
[email protected]

Kevin Pittman, GA
+1 (419) 654-5462
[email protected]