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Records smashed once again at Euro Auctions Leeds
10 September 2010

Euro Auctions latest Leeds Sale has once again seen record numbers of registered bidders from around the world take part. The auction, which took place on 1,2,3 September 2010, attracted 1149 Bidders from countries including South Africa, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Russia and Barbados.  In total over 60 countries participated in the auction resulting in 48% of equipment leaving the UK bound for Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

The massive Leeds auction yard was truly stuffed with equipment and in total 3500+ Lots went under the Hammer during the 3-day auction.  This was the first time Euro Auctions had ever sold such a huge volume of equipment and the 3 auction days were fast paced, energetic and selling was brisk.  Over 15% of equipment was sold online with the Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland in the top five internet buying countries. Top categories sold online were Mini Excavators, Tractors, Manlifts and Site Dumpers.

Over 370 Sellers took part in the auction.  Seller countries included Malaysia, Lithuania, Libya and for the first time from Barbados.  The number of Sellers also broke previous records for Euro Auctions. “As with recent Leeds auctions in 2010 Seller interest has been huge for this auction.  We are seeing more and more sellers consign their equipment with each auction and the yard is filling up faster each time. We encourage Sellers to consign their equipment early as we are already receiving Lots for our next Leeds auction in October.” Jonnie Keys – Euro Auctions

The 20 ton Excavator category proved the most profitable with sales of over £3.5M. Lots in this category included a 2006 Hitachi ZX470LCH-3 which fetched £95,000 and a 2005 CAT 330CL which made £55,000. “We were very happy with prices at this auction, in particular Excavator, Telehandler and Commercial prices. We were delighted at the record number of registered bidders, Lots and Sellers for this Leeds auction and we are especially pleased with the increasing number of new bidders increasing with each auction. We had customers from 50 countries purchasing at this Leeds auction, an indication of the high quality of equipment we have on offer.  This auction was another huge success for us and our Buyers and Sellers were satisfied with the prices they received.”