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Highest Number of Dromore Buyers and Sellers since 2006

The last of Euro Auctions sales before summer 2010 took place in Dromore, Northern Ireland last week and the auction had some record breaking statistics, attracting the highest number of Buyers since early 2006 and the most Sellers ever at a Dromore Auction.

Over 400 unique Buyers purchased at the auction which took place on 18th & 19th June. Buyers from 33 countries bought all 1900 Lots up for sale, which included a special consignment of farm equipment from a local company in Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland.  Buyer countries included Hong Kong, Australia and The Emirates. This was the first time the Philippines participated in a Euro Auctions sale and a wide range of Lots will be exported to the Philippines including Backhoes, Skid steers, a Dozer and 7 large Excavators.
At this auction 30% of the Lots were sold online to Buyers in countries such as Egypt, China and Eastern Europe including many of the higher priced Excavators, Loaders and Dumpers in the auction.  A number of Lots were also sold on location from Iceland and Sweden, including a 2006 Hitachi ZX520LCH-3 which fetched £77,000.

99% of Sellers at the Dromore Auction were from the UK and Ireland, an indication of the high demand to offload equipment, and Euro Auctions is proving to be a popular method of disposal for many UK and Irish companies due to the guaranteed high export figure.  “50% of equipment at this auction will leave the UK for export destined for Europe, the Americas and the Middle and Far East.  As well as a large number of Buyers at this auction we have also had the highest number of Sellers to ever participate at a Dromore Auction.  We have an ideal mix of Buyers and Sellers and this is why our auctions in 2010 are continuing to be so successful for Buyers and Sellers alike.” Jonnie Keys, Euro Auctions

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Euro Auctions is taking consignments for its next Leeds Auction on 1, 2, 3 September.

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