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Euro Auctions - Industrial Plant Auctions, Construction Equipment Auctioneers, Agricultural Equipment Auctions

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With a record number of bidders and the highest number of vendors for two years, Euro Auctions April auction in Leeds was a resounding success.


With over 1200 Bidders from 55 countries registered, there was record demand for Lots on sale.  The worldwide requirement for good quality equipment remains very strong, as evident from the number of people bidding online and onsite at this auction.  Of the fifty countries that registered Africa, Asia and Australasia had a strong presence. Jamaica returned for the first time since 2006. Over 20% of equipment was sold online with Poland, the Netherlands, China and Belgium in the top five internet buying countries.


The auction yard in Leeds was packed to capacity in early April with over 3300 Lots and Euro Auctions were even forced to “pull the plug” on consignments 2 days before the official closing date for entries.  According to Euro Auctions Jonnie Keys, Vendor interest was huge for this particular Leeds auction.  In a time when many auction houses are seeing falling numbers of Lots, the Euro Auctions Leeds sale really was a giant affair.


“We had a record number of vendors who consigned equipment and they were particularly happy with prices achieved at this auction.  I was pleased to see a lot of first time vendors, many of whom have already consigned equipment to the next Leeds auction in June.”


Demand was strong for all sectors but the twenty tonne excavators were met with the highest demand, shortly followed by the ten tonne excavators. Mini excavator prices continued to rise, while dumper prices stabilised. Site dumpers still proved to be difficult, but backhoes were showing a pick up and the demand for dozers and tractors was still strong.  For the first time Euro Auctions had a special crane consignment which attracted buyers from Oman, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and the UK.


“We were delighted to see a record number of registered bidders for this Leeds auction.  A truly worldwide turnout, which expects to see 49 percent of equipment sold, leaving the UK.  Buyers and Sellers in general were extremely pleased with this auction; with prices, with the quality of equipment on offer and with the job we did for them” Jonnie Keys – Euro Auctions