Euro Auctions - Industrial Plant Auctions, Construction Equipment Auctioneers, Agricultural Equipment Auction

Euro Auctions - Industrial Plant Auctions, Construction Equipment Auctioneers, Agricultural Equipment Auctions

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 Euro Auctions ‘Leeds’ The World’s Construction Industry into 2010

A record number, of over a thousand bidders registered for Euro Auctions January plant auction in Leeds. The three day auction saw bidders from forty-eight countries buy all 2,509 lots. First time buyers spent £1.4M of the total hammer price.

Of the forty-eight countries who took part, the Middle East and North Africa were well represented, with Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Oman being strongly represented. Belgium, Poland and Denmark were in the top five internet buyers and it is expected that about 45% of equipment sold will be exported from the UK.

Demand was strong with prices continuing to rise across the board. There was an increase in the access equipment sector, while the truck market is still slow, but starting to pick up and the mini excavator sector seems to be recession proof, due to the lack of quality equipment on the market worldwide.

“We take great pride in providing the highest level of service possible to our clients and were delighted to see a strong demand from our consistent, loyal customer base, who buy equipment at every auction. I was pleased to see the return of Canada and the USA and there was again a strong presence from the Middle East and North Africa. All lots were available for internet bidding and bidders bid on nearly 1000 lots. Of over a thousand bidders 349 were internet bidders and this is a great testament to our new website.”

Jonnie Keys – Euro Auctions

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