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Consignments up 20% at Leeds Summer Auction

For the second year running Euro Auctions held a ‘summer’ auction at its Leeds Site in the UK, and this auction has proved to be even more successful than last years.  The 3-day auction which took place on 2, 3, 4 June attracted nearly 1000 bidders for the 2890 Lots on sale.  Bidders from as far away as China, Japan and Australia were very active during the sale with Buyers from outside the UK purchasing more than £7Million of equipment. 

The weather during this auction was very hot but prices were on fire with the 20 Ton Excavator Category alone making over £2.5Million, closely followed by Telehandlers and Wheeled Loaders.  The ‘heavy equipment’ items such as Excavators, Dozers, Dumpers and Loaders were fetching exceptionally good prices indicating that demand in the market is stronger than ever, a fact that is backed up by the addition of this summer auction to the Euro Auctions schedule.  “Due to high demand in summer 2009 an additional auction was held in Leeds in July last year for the first time ever.  In 2010 we decided to continue with the summer auction in our schedule and this year has proved no different with even more demand from Buyers and Sellers for this extra auction.  This auction was actually larger than last years with a 20% increase in the number of Lots and the auction total has increased by approximately £5Million.” Jonnie Keys, Euro Auctions.

In the last few years the online sales totals at Euro Auctions have increased significantly as overseas Buyers place their trust in Euro Auctions’ Free Internet Bidding system. Over 30% of Bidders at this auction were online Bidders and £3.5Million was sold online.  There were a high number of first time online bidders from countries such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Jordan and Japan who purchased items such as Excavators, Loaders, Dumpers, Rollers, Forklifts and Generators.  “Selling equipment online to Buyers in the USA, Middle East and Asia ensures that our Sellers are getting the best price for their equipment.  Having a third of our buyers spread across the world guarantees that every single one of the Lots we sell fetches its True Market Value.”

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Euro Auctions is already taking consignments for its next Leeds Auction on 1,2,3 September.