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Euro Auctions - Industrial Plant Auctions, Construction Equipment Auctioneers, Agricultural Equipment Auctions

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Founded in Dromore, Northern Ireland, by Derek Keys and his brothers, Euro Auctions has been built through hard work and remains a family run business with real family values with all the brothers continuing to know all their customers by name.

1998 - First Auction

March 1998
First Auction - Euro Auctions holds its first auction in Dromore, Northern Ireland. It was a one-day auction selling 371 lots. Approximately 1500 people turn up to see the new American parade-style auction in Ireland.

2000 - First Wetherby, UK Auction

November 2000
First Wetherby, UK Auction - The first auctions outside Northern Ireland take place in Wetherby, Yorkshire. The first sale in Wetherby is a colossal affair and particularly huge is the long line of Volvo dump trucks, which have made their journey from the Far East to the Euro Auctions yard. This was the first of many auctions where world-class auctioneers are flown in from the USA to conduct the sales.

2002 - New UK Auction Site - Selby, Leeds

February 2002
New UK auction site at Selby, Leeds - Euro Auctions moves to Leeds, where a permanent auction site is established. The first auction in Selby is a huge affair with 516 buyers and 83 sellers. The 1139 lots make an auction total of over £7 million.


2006 - New German Auction Site - Dormagen

March 2006
Expansion into mainland Europe with Euro Auctions' first auction outside the UK held in Dormagen, Germany. The first German sale had a gross auction figure in excess of €7 million.

2007 - Biggest Sale - Leeds, UK

September 2007
Biggest sale in Leeds, UK - The September auction in Leeds boasts 830 registered bidders and 279 consigners. £2 million of the auction total is from sales on the internet with a gross figure of £27 million over 3 days.


2008 - A Decade of Selling

March 2008
A decade of selling - A decade of successful auctions is celebrated in Dromore. A charity auction of replica miniature machines proves a major success and raises £24,000 for charities in Northern Ireland.

2009 - New Building at HQ in Dromore, NI

New Auction House - A new auction facility is opened at Euro Auctions Head Office in Dromore. The new structure incorporates a state-of-the-art fully covered and seated auditorium and ramp to the rear and integrated hi-tech sound and vision to give an awesome auction experience.

2010 - New Spanish Auction Site - Valencia

 December 2010 
New auction site - Valencia, Spain. Euro Auctions' expansion continues with the first Spanish auction held at new permanent auction site in Valencia. Over 250 bidders took part from 36 countries.

2012 - New Australian Auction Site - Brisbane

March 2012
New Site in Brisbane, Australia - In 2012 Euro Auctions became truly global with the opening of its fifth permanent site located in Brisbane, Australia with plans to host at least 4 auctions per year from this site.


2013 - New USA Auction Site - Atlanta, GA

June 2013
New Site in Atlanta, GA, USA - In 2013 Euro Auctions hold the first US auction with a hammer total in excess of $4.3 million with bidders participating from over 20 countries and 22 US states.

2015 - New Spanish Auction Site - Zaragoza

February 2015
Continued company growth has meant relocating Spanish operations to a larger auction site in Zaragoza, which also has improve facilities and infrastructure, coupled with a central location being less than 250km away from the key markets of Madrid, Barcelona and Southern France.