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Euro Auctions - Industrial Plant Auctions, Construction Equipment Auctioneers, Agricultural Equipment Auctions

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Benefits of Selling with Euro Auctions

Benefits of Selling
Worldwide Buyers:Auctions attracts Buyers from around the globe. An average Auction attracts Buyers from over 91 countries.
Live Internet Bidding: Euro Auctions provides access to a global database of thousands of online customers. This Free Internet Bidding Service allows buyers to bid, in real-time, during any Euro Auctions sale. On average, online buyers account for over 50% of sales at each Auction. With so many interested online customers, Sellers can be confident that their equipment will fetch true global market value.
Global Advertising:Each Auction is expertly marketed and all Lots are advertised to the relevant audience in trade journals and magazines and also on various machinery websites. Euro Auctions does not focus on local/national Buyers. Our extensive knowledge of the industry ensures Sellers’ machines are advertised in global markets where demand is highest. Auction brochures are issued to thousands of Buyers in over 100 countries and all equipment appears on the Euro Auctions website. This creates optimum demand for all Lots on sale.
Expert Sales Representatives:Sales Reps are available to offer advice on consignments as they know firsthand the demand for construction equipment and can easily anticipate the current markets.
10 Auction Sites: 10 permanent auction sites in Northern Ireland, UK, Spain, Germany, Australia, United Arab Emirates and USA.
High Sales Export: Euro Auctions global Buyers guarantee that over 50% of Lots are exported from each site after each Auction, eliminating the downsides of selling in only local markets.
Buyers, not Browsers: Euro Auctions Unreserved Policy attracts genuine Buyers as opposed to Reserved Auctions which deter Buyers operating within a budget.
Competitive Rates: Euro Auctions strives to have the most competitive Seller’s fees to make it affordable for Sellers to consign plant and equipment to Auction time and time again.
Logistics Service:Euro Auctions Logistics Service can arrange fast, affordable Shipping and Haulage directly to the Auction Site.
Repair Service: Euro Auctions offer a Repair and Refurbishment service at each Auction Site. Many Sellers avail of this service as good quality machines can fetch higher Hammer Prices.
Quick payment:Euro Auctions can turn plant and equipment into cash quickly, with minimum effort from Sellers.