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Meet the team – ‘Staff Profile’

Meet David Betts in this month’s ‘Staff Profile.’




David Betts is Euro Auctions’ Territory Manager, England (South) and joined Euro Auctions in 2004, prior to which he was with Finning Caterpillar where he was the ‘international seller of used equipment’ (his description of his job title, not ours!). And David is, as one would expect, an expert on all Caterpillar equipment as well as having a passing ‘obsession’ with all things JCB!

A recent Euro Auctions success that David will lay claim to, was that he instigated and implemented the launch of the new sale site in Valencia, Spain. A major client of David’s based in France had a requirement to dispose of a large number of assets. David’s suggestion was an auction in Spain. The rest is history… and the second successful sale at the Valencia site recently took place.


David has also just built his own house and yes, he purchased all the plant and equipment required for the construction from a Euro Auctions sale. When the house was built, he sold them again, through the next sale. Did he make a profit? He’s not saying!!

Whilst David is based in the UK, he has a wealth of international experience. If you need help or advice from David on buying or selling through any Euro Auctions sale, you can contact him on the number or email below.

Contact David Betts - Territory Manager, England (South)

Mobile  +44 (0) 7834 600040
Mail  [email protected]