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14th March 2019

Charleston House, Whitchurch. SY13 2BS

15th March 2019

Sandford Industrial Park, Whitchurch. SY13 2AN

(See maps below)

Tel:+44(0)28 8289 8262
Fax:+44(0)28 8289 8717

Upcoming Auction: DAWNUS - 13th June 2019 @ 8.00am


Nearby Airports

  • Liverpool (1 hour 10 mins) 

  • Main Route:
    1 h 10 min (49.4 miles) via Whitchurch Rd/A41 - (This route has tolls)
    Take Speke Hall Ave and Western Ave to Speke Blvd/A561
    Continue on Speke Blvd. Take A533, M56, M53, A41 and A49 to Cruckmoor Ln in Prees
    Drive to Cruckmoor Ln in Prees

  • Manchester (1 hour 9 mins)

  • Main Route:
    1 h 9 min (48.2 miles) via M56 and A49 - Best route
    Get on M56
    Follow M56 and A49 to A41 in Prees

    1 h 8 min (56.3 miles) via M56
    Get on M56
    Continue on M56 to Chester
    Drive to A41 in Prees

  • Birmingham (1 hour 14 mins)

  • Main Route:
    1 h 14 min (60.4 miles) via M6 Toll and A41 Fastest route now, avoids congestion on M6 (This route has tolls)
    Get on Coventry Rd/A45 from Airport Way
    Take M42 and M6 Toll to A5 in Gailey
    At the roundabout, continue straight to stay on A5
    Drive to A41 in Prees